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VIsto Online for Kenya: what you need

The info to proceed on the only official site

29-11-2023 di redazione

Entering Kenya as a tourist. It takes some patience, but it is not difficult, just a child of telematic times to which even African countries are adapting, for practical, security and anti-corruption issues.
Let's start by telling you that the visa to enter Kenya is done ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE and only at the official link ecitizen.go.ke, to which you must register with a valid email (which had better be yours, so that you can check it in case the visa arrives quickly or even at the airport or on arrival in Kenya, as it can happen but you can still leave with the receipt of payment).

So here is what you need and what will be asked in the form that you will have to fill out in all its spaces, particularly those marked with an asterisk.
Incomplete applications will be rejected.
And in any case bear in mind that possession of a visa is not the final authority to enter the Republic of Kenya and that any false information or inappropriate uploads will be punishable by refusal of the visa.

Firstly, the validity of your travel document must not be less than six months and there must be at least three blank pages in your passport.

You will have to take a photo of your outbound ticket and you must also show your regular return ticket.

You will be asked to upload a recent passport photo in colour on a light background.

Also attach the passport page with your details and the page with the photo.

Please enclose an invitation letter if you are staying with a private individual or a hotel reservation in the case of organised travel.
The name and number of the contact person or hotel will be added to the visa in your passport on arrival. 

If you have already been to Kenya, also attach the page with the number and date of the last visa made.

Other requests:

Home address,email and mobile phone number

Place of stay in Kenya and contact details

Name and telephone of parents if still alive

Name and telephone of wife/husband if married

Name and telephone of friend/friend in Kenya

The cost of the e-visa does not differ from the paper visa, but always depends on the exchange rate applied by the site.

All visa applications incur a service fee of $1.
The visa processing fee is non-refundable.

Please note that children sixteen (16) years of age and under are exempt from the visa fee and are not required to apply for a visa

replica iwc della migliore qualità online, benvenuto per l'acquisto. Esattamente come l'orologio originale.
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