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A project to make Watamu the pearl of Kenya

Eco-destination with water sports, diving and natural places

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As part of the presentation of the "Kenya Beach Destination Strategy," the report on the revitalization of tourism commissioned by the Kenyan government agency Spanish THR, yesterday in Malindi there was also talk of Watamu destination.
"A tourist destination that will be completely decoupled from Malindi and other tourist resorts on the coast - said the rapporteur of the report, Roger Jones - because it has special characteristics, which are also the strengths reported by its entrepreneurs in recent meetings: especially ecology, seaside living for relaxing, diving, water sports and deep sea fishing. a destination that appeals to young people and sports, and international tourists, and a good percentage, increasing, club-goers. "
Watamu in Malindi will maintain the link given airport, and in this business owners will have to make common cause with those malindini to speed up the action of the Government. "For the rest, the two locations will be complementary and will stand out and at the same time aiuarsi each other, because there will be more competition and overlap". Malindi during the meeting were also discussed the problems to be solved, including the insistence of the beach boys, cleaning of beaches and the sea, a master plan to avoid environmental destruction. Jones has publicly praised the work of the WAC (Watamu Against Crime) for safety. As illustrated in the same report that will soon be on the table of the Minister of Tourism Balala. "The WAC is an association formed by residents and business owners who do not expect only from aid, but shall endeavor in person to make the town safer and therefore more attractive. An initiative that other destinations should imitate."

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As it happens every year between the months of July and August, in Watamu have been sighted the first whales migrating in this season from Madagascar, through the coasts of Mozambique and Tanzania, towards east.


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Watamu is increasingly devoted to hospitality, like no other tourist resort on the Kenyan coast.
Within a few kilometers of extension, the "pearl of the Indian Ocean" can count as many as...


From ancient Arabic writings, we know that the Arabuko forest stretched from just outside Malindi almost to Kilifi and was populated by wild beasts, poisonous snakes (cobra especially) and elephants, who often came down to unexplored beaches and bays protected...