National Parks


Saiwa National Park, the home of rare Sitatunga

Only in Kenya's smallest reserve can you see the aquatic antelope

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If you want to admire the rare aquatic antelope Sitatunga, there is only one park in Kenya where you can go, and it is the smallest in the whole country.
It is the Saiwa National Park, near Kitale, in the northern part of the Rift Valley.
Saiwa Park was created in 1974 specifically to protect the natural habitat and conservation of the rare Sitatunga species, and is now managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service.



Kit Mikayi, a stone monument and its legend

A dolmen on Lake Victoria, is becoming a tourist destination

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A unique natural monument dominating an enchanting landscape, in an area little frequented by mass tourism in Kenya, but which is becoming a place of .....


Simbi Nyaima, the healing lake and its legend

Thermal waters in an extinct volcano in Kendu Bay

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In the Luo dialect it means "the sunken village", the "Simi Nyaima" is a wonderful little volcanic lake in the Karachuonyo area of western Kenya, not far