Watamu where turtles feel safe

LOC, a non-profit organisation committed to protecting Kenya's marine environment.

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It all began in 1997 when a group of local residents from Watamu decided it was time to take action to protect sea turtles in the area and Watamu Turtle Watch was born. Fast forward to today, 21 years later, and Local Ocean Conservation


Ten reason why you come back to Watamu

Repeaters: What's next after the first vacation?

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The success of Watamu in this season (first coastal destination for influx of tourists, the best "leisure" destination in Kenya, second only to Zanzibar in all Sub-Saharan Africa) is due not only to those who...


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02-05-2018 di Mirko Cannistraci

Ecco l'intervista a Daniela Cattaneo, direttrice del magazine Diva e Donna, che ha voluto preparare cinque servizi di moda da inserire nella sua rivista con la costa del Kenya come scenario.


Ilaria's love for Kenya build a nursery in Jimba

The story of Victoria Academy School near Watamu

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Last March I went to Kenya for the 7thtime in my life, but it was the first time for my Daughter Victoria, who is now almost 2 years old.
Peter and Lilly are a just married couple with whom I established a very nice friendship which became stronger and stronger despite the distance. They were born and grown up in a small Village near the coast.