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Party and new projects at Gede Special School

Under the care of Maurizio Beghelli, a hope for those little disables

18-09-2017 di Leni Frau

The reopening of the school in recent days has been particularly celebrated at the Gede Special School.
A little because the school near Watamu is already in itself a particular environment that holds the heart and affection for the soul, a little because the angel guardian of the structure, the italian man...


Watamu taylor women dresses in a fashion gala in Naples

Kenyan creations parade for solidarity in the central Plebiscito Square

10-09-2017 di Leni Frau

From Watamu's "kibanda" to the magnificent scenery of Piazza Plebiscito in Naples, to parade in a fashion gala next to world-famous designers such as Rocco Barocco.
This is the story of Watamu's tailors' clothing, helped by Virginia Ciaravolo's "Never More Infinite Violence" association.



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Gede school is more special now

Works and donation by Maurizio Beghelli's friends

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Gede's school is really special.
Not only because it is called "special school" and because its students are extraordinary children, but because it receives and transmits love.
What can be done for the disabled motorcycles and mental school just outside Watamu is not related to the future, the now famous and abused motto "Let's help them home", but damn anchored to the present.



Visiting the SPK nursery of Timboni

An Onlus of Bergamo helps children even HIV positive

06-03-2017 di redazione

We continue our visit to the solidarity realities in the Watamu area, with a small but significant project made in Timboni.
This is the nursery built by the association "My name is help" of Bergamo.
The S.P. & K. nursery school bears the initials of the names of the top three lenders and today grows and goes to the compulsory education about seventy children.
Four preparatory classes, divided by the booth in one building, while the adjoining houses the dormitory, necessary because most of these children are orphans and many others live far away or in poverty those for which should raise them in a better environment.



Now on the Mida Creek island also a Children's Home

Thoya Oya inaugurated yesterday In Kadaina, after school and hospital

11-02-2017 di redazione

The Thoya-Oya Children's home inside the Marafiki Primary School was inaugurated yesterday, on the island of Kadaina, between the Mida Creek mangrove.
The island is already known to have been taken under the wing of a group of Italians, led by the initiator Mario Rossi, who died recently.
Valentina Moscheni is among the most active in sustaining social activities on the island and six years working with John Thoya, a Kenyan with experiences in Switzerland and the United States very active in helping its unfortunate countrymen, because he himself is an orphan, with the good fortune to be adopted.
Today Thoya is the right arm of Valentina and, after the Government's request to prepare a structure able to accommodate children without parents who attend the Mida Creek School, has made available its expertise.



Maurizio "Kipara" and his friends heart

One day with the special pupils of Gede

18-01-2017 di redazione

They are the purest, sweetest, and the ones hopelessly hopeless, but to a smile and joy given by the solidarity that does not pretend tomorrow, that does not ask gratitude and can not build the future.
And 'pure kindness and dedication, care and attention what disabled children of the Special School Gede need. And a few seasons found in Mauritius "Kipara" Beghelli a dad.



Children party in Watamu at Marina Restaurant

Italian association gives presents and medical checks

07-01-2017 di redazione

A lot of smiles to many children in the village of Blue Bay area of ​​Watamu and the pupils of the School Brilliant, thanks to the association "No more violence Infinite", a Expoitaly and Marina Restaurant which hosted yesterday a beautiful celebration of solidarity , to start the new year with an outstretched hand and a lot of hope, in the sign of new social projects that will add to those already made in previous years.



A look at St. Dominique school of gede, italian project

A school for more than 100 pupils from "Oltre Confine" Onlus

27-03-2013 di redazione

We can not be tired to report the good works of the Italians on the Kenyan coast.
This is the time of a primary school and kindergarten (nursery and primary school) Gede, wanted by the Onlus "Beyond Border."
The Saint Dominique, dedicated to the memory of Brother Dominic Moffa, the religious order of the Camillians, welcomes 101 children aged 3 to 10 years and every school season increased by a class, to keep with him those who deserve to go up one level.