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Crab soup with ginger: a traditional Lamu dish

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Crab soup with ginger is a traditional dish of the Lamu archipelago.
The local people, especially on the island of Pate, usually eat this dish with coconut rice or chapati.
Here is the original recipe reworked by


Ingredients for 4 people:

200 days of crab meat
10 tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic
a ginger ale to grate
two ladles of fish stock (you can also boil the body of clean shrimps or add vegetables)
a bunch of coriander (parsley or wild fennel is also good)
1 pilipili green (or half a teaspoon of paprika)
pepper and salt
two tablespoons of olive oil
a glass of white wine (for the non-Muslim version)
five or six ground mustard seeds
half a teaspoon of powdered cumin
two cups of water


In a pan, sauté the tomatoes with garlic and a tablespoon of oil, after adding a first lightly grated ginger, salt and chilli pepper and two fingers of wine.
When the sauce is compact add what remains of the glass of wine and after two minutes the crab meat.
Let it simmer for five minutes, adding the stock and water from time to time. Another two minutes after adding the mustard and cumin. Turn off the heat, add to the mixture another tablespoon of olive oil, more grated ginger and a sprinkling of coriander or parsley.
Serve on the table with chapati or bread croutons.

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