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From A to Z, rememberin' Kenya

The alphabet of an unique, wonderful Nation

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One entry for each letter of the alphabet is certainly not enough to contain all the wonders and peculiarities of a unique and varied country like Kenya.
Cradle of humanity, a place that more than any other personifies the so-called "Mal d'Africa", Kenya would deserve a tailor-made encyclopedic dictionary. Just think that it has remained outside, among others, "our" Malindi...
For now let's just evoke it like this... and how many of these places have you already visited?

A like AMBOSELI: It's one of the most famous parks in Kenya for the splendid scenery dominated by the snowy peak of Kilimanjaro. Among volcanic rocks, swamps, sulphurous springs and thorny bush you can find large groups of elephants, lions, buffaloes, cheetahs.

B like BARINGO: Lake and natural paradise surrounded by green hills, Baringo is the natural home of hippos and crocodiles, it is home to about 500 species of birds and flamingos often rest on its waters.

C as CHE SHALE: North of Malindi, after the village of Mambrui, is Kenya's most famous golden beach for its wild nature and dunes. Favoured by kiters and those who want to "detach" completely from civilization.

D as DIANI: One of the most celebrated seaside resorts in the country, known for its long strip of white sand with an enchanting sea and for the fun, also the result of a mix of residents and tourists. It attracts especially young people.

And as ELMENTEITA: Small lake jewel and paradise of very rare species of birds, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is part of the Soysambu Conservancy, between the volcanic lakes of Naivasha and Nakuru.

F as FORT JESUS: It is the symbol of the old town of Mombasa, which is definitely worth a visit, if only because the history of modern Kenya starts from there.

G as GEDE: The most famous ruins of an ancient Arab settlement on the Kenyan coast. Dating back to the 12th century, they show the organization of the Swahili civilization that populated the coast, in an enchanting forest full of baboons and birds.

H as HELL'S GATE: Hell's Gate National Park is one of the unforgettable scenery of the Rift Valley. The imposing rocks, the gorges dug by the water, the volcanoes covered with forests from which geothermal vapors puff out, make it one of the most beautiful parks in Africa.

K as KOROGOCHO: One of the great slums of Nairobi, together with Mathare and Kibera. Those who want to get to know Kenya in its infinite folds, even those less epic and more inconvenient, should immerse themselves in these realities.

J like JIPE: It's a small lake hidden on the border with Tanzania but also one of the most celebrated "postcards" in Africa, because on a clear day Kilimanjaro is reflected in it.  

I like ISIOLO: From there, the English said, the world ends and one goes back in time. It is the last outpost before the reserves of Samburu and Turkana with its plateaus and deserts, and fascinating tribes rich in traditions that are disappearing.

L as LAMU: The Swahili archipelago on the north coast of Kenya, where there are no cars and civilization has only partially arrived. An Islamic Venice that has fascinated entire generations of travelers.

M like MAASAI MARA: Almost every year the best Nature Reserve in the world is elected, there must be a reason. The savannah of the savannahs, and not only for animals. Its landscape, its famous people and the spectacle of the Great Migration make it a true myth.

N as NAKURU LAKE: 140 km from Nairobi, this small volcanic lake is an icon especially for its flamingos that seasonally cover it making it all pink. A unique spectacle that deserves a safari in the reserve.

Or like OL PEYETA: It is perhaps the most famous private reserve in Kenya and the favourite home of rhinos, where the rarest specimens are preserved.

P as TSAVO NATIONAL PARK: Tsavo East and West is the largest national park in Kenya. The West is characterized by magnificent landscapes, thick vegetation, swamps and springs, while semi-arid and desert landscapes are typical of the fascinating eastern part, immense and not very touristy. Easily accessible from seaside resorts along the coast.

R as RIFT VALLEY: The "cradle of Humanity", it would be enough to say this to define a place that is enough to travel even far from the celebrated parks or lakes. Landscapes like the road to Eldoret, or
the plateau of Laikipia and the slopes of Mount Kenya are jewels full of evocations.    

S like SAMBURU: A unique reserve, where animals are free and treated like real hosts. Its rhinoceros and elephant conservancies are recognized all over the world, but the landscapes and unspoiled nature, as well as the fairytale lodges, turn your stay into a dream.

T like TURKANA: Not far from here the first human being was born and in this lunar landscape you can't help but breathe its history. The deepest and truest safari in Kenya is done here.

U as UHURU PARK: It is one of the symbols of the beating heart of Nairobi, the green lung that sees the capital and metropolis, among the most important on the whole continent, grow every day.

V as V as VICTORIA LAKE: Lake Victoria, immense as a sea, is a unique place for its ecosystem and only in small part belongs to Kenya, but its places like Kisumu and Homa Bay, up to the villages on the border with Uganda, are to see and live.

W as WATAMU: The "pearl of the Indian Ocean" is the most famous seaside resort in Kenya, with its beautiful bays, islets and fine sand. As well as the marine reserve and the Midas Creek, with the Arabuko Sokoke forest just a stone's throw away.

Z as ZANZIBAR: Of course it's not in Kenya, but if you couldn't get excited seeing at least a third of the Kenyan places just described, change your destination!

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