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Meat stew with cassava, traditional Kenyan recipe

Muhogo wa Nyama, a hearty dish for the fresh season

30-06-2020 di redazione

"Muhogo wa Nyama" (meat with cassava) is a typical Kenyan dish. Cassava is a tuber also known as cassava, it is used to make flour or like potatoes, both fried and stewed. Its taste is a bit reminiscent of chestnuts. In this case it can be an alternative to potatoes or green bananas for meat stew.


Pieces of cassava. peeled and cleaned
Red onions
Green chillies (pili pili)
Salt qb
Coconut milk
Coconut cream
Adult beef


In a pot, place the pieces of cassava, the diced onion, the meat previously boiled (without broth) and the green chilli peppers.
Pour a little salt and coconut milk over the cassava.
Bring to the boil and cook until the manioc is soft and tender and the coconut milk has reduced to the desired amount.
Heat the coconut cream in another pot and stir constantly until it thickens.
Now pour the thickened coconut cream over the cooked manioc.
Serve with a choice of chutney or tomato sauce.
In the "poor" versions add the meat stoc

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In the markets and on the edges of many roads of Kenya you can see the sellers of this tuber (already, usually they are women, the real productive and commercial engine of this continent).


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