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Sea, monkeys, cottages and tranquility

Anche a Watamu una delle oasi della Ngo "Arocha"

21-08-2020 di redazione

That's about 20 in the world, one per country.
In the Black Continent only in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa. And the Kenyan one is in Watamu.
We are talking about the research centers of the international NGO "A Rocha", a group of studies for environmental protection created by a heterogeneous and multi-ethnic group of university professors of Christian inspiration. "A Rocha" Kenya is in Watamu and in addition to the "Field Camp" in Mwamba, which overlooks the beautiful beach of Dongokundu, the association has a series of Spartan cottages, but clean and well-kept, where at reasonable prices you can stay, as well as a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh grilled or fried fish, chicken and meat with the typical chapati, kachumbari or coconut rice. A really pleasant situation, where you can meet mainly young people of any nationality. A path of a few tens of meters leads to the beach, in front of an enchanting sea, not far from the famous Garoda beach. In Rocha Kenya he has been working on some important environmental protection projects since 1999 at Sabaki River counting water birds and from 2009, especially in the Arabuko Sokoke Forest and in the north of the country. But those who stay at Mwamba Field Camp can also simply enjoy the relaxation of the place and play with mischievous little monkeys who now live integrated with passing travellers. It's nice to think that in today's hyper-built, massified and technological world, even in emerging Africa, there are still small "oases" like this, close to any comfort but immersed in nature, silence and timeless atmospheres".