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No vaccinations to enter in Kenya

Malaria prophylaxis is not mandatory and is preventable

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To stay in Kenya you are not obliged to any vaccination.
Yellow fever for years does not manifest itself in the territory since 1989 and is no longer required it. It is only required for those coming from countries where it is mandatory and still present, such as Tanzania.
Malaria speak extensively in articles below.
In some areas of Kenya, however, very little frequented by foreign travelers, there may be isolated outbreaks of cholera, especially in the Lake Victoria area.
For Western man, the risk of contracting some gastrointestinal viruses, like jardia, amoebas and intestinal parasitosis.
As in many other countries around the world, it is recommended to wash the foods to be eaten uncooked (fruits and vegetables) and not to drink the tap water.
Pay attention to the foods consumed in the street stalls, fish and raw shellfish, if not blatantly just caught.
Even the ice in the local Kenyans can be done with tap water, best to avoid (or ask).
Some health warnings present in the draw by news network of twenty or thirty years ago. Meanwhile kenya has evolved.
Regarding the on-site treatment, the ideal is to get in a pharmacy and realize how many "corrective in the running" can be found for any identified pathology.
For example, as regards malaria, now all local pharmacies selling products based on artemisinin, which act "the day after" and make the prophylaxis, that is harmful to his health, now useless.



A modern public clinic in Kilifi for cancer therapies

Kilifi Medical Complex will be the first in the County with palliative cares

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Yesterday, the Governor of County Kilifi Amason Kingi has laid the first coral block for the construction of the "Kilifi County Health Complex", a modern hospital in the capital of the region, which also includes Malindi and Watamu.



Malaria, a lesson from Kenya to Europe

What are they waiting to introduce artemisine in Old Continent?

06-09-2017 di Freddie del Curatolo

One of the simplest and safest remedies for malaria today is to treat yourself with artemisin-based medicines and use the combination of two medications that crush the parasite once it has arisen.
At this point, at the onset of high fever, not only for those who have been in countries where malaria is endemic, but also for those at risk, such as Italy, it is sufficient to slide to make sure that it is not a simple flu or other infection, and then start the treatment.



Malaria Prophylaxis is going to die

Vaccine and new medicine from Novartis coming

22-08-2017 di Antonio Altieri

Months counted for antimalarial prophylaxis.
If the historic announcement of the virus vaccine transmitted by the anthropomorphic mosquitoes will light up in a year, there is another good news for Africans and people on the Black continent: the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, one of the giants of the World medicine, is finalizing the development of a new drug to eradicate malaria once it has arrived.



HIV new cases decrease in Kenya

In four years mother to child infection down by 58 per cent

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HIV-infected patients significantly decrease in Kenya, according to data submitted by the Ministry of Health.
Most importantly, the official percentages regarding the "natural" transmission of AIDS between mother and son.


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Malaria in Kenya, things to know

Correct information about cure and diffusion

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For many of those who are about to read, the information you give on malaria will risapute things, but there are many readers who approach to our portal without a thorough knowledge of one of Kenya's problems should be treated with due caution but often become material for legends, rumors and inaccuracies, fueled by the superficiality of so many Italian general practitioners and the bad faith of some luminaries in the pay of some pharmaceutical companies (two in particular).
So we might as well start at the beginning: Malaria takes the bite (and not from the "bite" as yet found written on some sites and blogs that regularly gleaned and copy-pasted by as many pseudo-journalists ignorant) of the Anopheles mosquito, which injects protozoan parasite "plasmodium falciparum".



Malaria down 60% in Kenya

In Malindi town almost disappeared

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The government data show a decrease of 42%, but on the coast of Kenya also reported 60%.
Malaria is disappearing rapidly from the country and the numbers, month by month, confirm this.
The news of those wonderful especially for the local population that until a few years ago was neither victim, also because of lack of information, the care that not everyone could access and other reasons due to carelessness and lack of attention by the state.
But it is also great news for tourists who always feed some fear of the tropical fever and equip themselves accordingly, often exaggerating with preventive care or precautions.



Why malaria prophylax becomes useless

Will Italy ever understands it?

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Preventive care for malaria, for tourists visiting Kenya, is now outdated.
Major scientific achievements that Kenya has experienced for the first, more than ten years ago are bearing fruit with numbers that reward the constancy of the National Health and decisive push of researchers and luminaries such as the Italian Mauro Saio, more twenty years he committed on this front.
"Now not only is more harmful, but also less secure new medicines that you take only if the sopraggiunga malaria - explains Habit - the combination treatment, normally available in all pharmacies Kenyan, it is safe and for those who do not live near a health facility that can verify the existence of malaria, you can also equip themselves with a test to control it on their own.



Green cure for malaria

From artemysia a derivative effective in experience of an Italian doctor

02-08-2012 di corriere della sera

From our correspondent IN NAIROBI - "pharmacological prophylaxis against malaria? No thanks.
Today malaria treatment at the first symptoms. The drugs that are used for prevention are expensive and have side effects. Better l 'artemisimina, an active substance contained in the wormwood plant. "
Who speaks so sure is Mauro Saio, an Italian doctor who for twenty-five works in Kenya and a score to Nairobi Hospital. His specialty is to study and treat malaria, a disease that causes every year from one million to three million deaths, according to estimates.



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Malaria prophylaxis, more dangerous than useful

In Italy with ignorance or bad faith, doctors still recommend it

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As often happens, it takes tragic events and tragic to relaunch campaigns against those who ignore the real dangers.
In this case, however, it all seems more absurd: with many local doctors and residents, has always fought to convince tourists, travelers, agencies, tour operators, foreign ministry and the Ministry of Health that malaria prophylaxis is unnecessary and harmful to the ' man.