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HIV new cases decrease in Kenya

In four years mother to child infection down by 58 per cent

15-06-2017 di redazione

HIV-infected patients significantly decrease in Kenya, according to data submitted by the Ministry of Health.
Most importantly, the official percentages regarding the "natural" transmission of AIDS between mother and son.
If in 2012 cases amounted to 15,000 per year, last year there were just over six thousand (6,200 precision cases), with a vertical drop of 58, 67 per cent. Clearly, this is a case study in hospitals and clinics, although non-controlled births persist in the country, especially in poor and remote regions.
Thanks to prevention and new treatments, HIV transmission between mother and child accounts for 90 percent of new AIDS cases in Kenya, so it can be said that the acquired immune deficiency syndrome is no longer transmitted via large scale through reports Unprotected sexes and less men (but Africa has always been free of this) from transmissions due to drug addiction.
In addition, the introduction of low-cost drugs by the government, starting in 2012, is yielding its fruits by treating many people, so much that the deaths due to HIV have decreased.
However doctors do not want to lower the guard because only a small part of the future pregnant mothers in Kenya performs specific controls.
It is also estimated that eight out of ten mothers in rural areas of the country give birth to the village without medical examinations either before or after childbirth.
Earlier this year, a national screening program was launched that should also reduce these numbers, the motherhood of the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta initiative.

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