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Malaria prophylaxis, more dangerous than useful

In Italy with ignorance or bad faith, doctors still recommend it

25-08-2010 di redazione

As often happens, it takes tragic events and tragic to relaunch campaigns against those who ignore the real dangers.
In this case, however, it all seems more absurd: with many local doctors and residents, has always fought to convince tourists, travelers, agencies, tour operators, foreign ministry and the Ministry of Health that malaria prophylaxis is unnecessary and harmful to the ' man.
Anything. The Italian doctors continue to wash their hands and encourage the "malarone" when even the Lariam, medication now obsolete everywhere except in Italy, whose liver damage and respiratory troubles are known.
A few days ago in Watamu an Italian tourist, a young girl of sixteen, died of cardiac arrest and its problems on vacation had started after taking this medicine. This morning the autopsy on the young girl will try to shed light on the causes, but we can not continue to remain silent. Malaria prophylaxis is not just a little, and it has been clearly overtaken by drugs that act only if sopraggiunga malaria, but it hurts. Now the same Kenyans, who have certainly not (on average) of our culture and our welfare (but if we go on like this ...), have access to artemisinin-based drugs, which in Italy do not even know what it is.
What we expect from a country where we are becoming the worst in many fields: on the Internet there are several tour operators who recommend sites, such as prevention against malaria, to "wash the fruit and your hands "or to prevent" contact with the natives. "
Other articles say that malaria is caused by the "bite" of the mosquito, because it is known that the Anopheles has teeth ... doctors often recommend for travel to Kenya to make vaccination for yellow fever (last case in 1981, in a place where they do not see a blank since the Mau Mau revolution).
To you who read our site ask, trust and spread as much as possible the news, prophylaxis it is lousy and not needed. To avoid having to think that a young life was also broken for because of this.

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