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Fish curry and coconut stew

A seafood dish of the Swahili tradition of Kenya

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"Samaki wa kupaka ya nazi", literally "Coconut fish cubes" is a dish of the Swahili tradition of Kenya, which uses various spices of ancient Indian origin to give it flavor. A very tasty version includes "madras", the most common one being the classic curry.
Here is the recipe.

Ingredients for 4 people:

Fish cut into cubes (to avoid too many thorns, better use kingfish, grouper or snapper).

Curry powder
Ground black pepper
Lemon juice (or salt with pepper and lemon, also found in envelopes in Kenya)
Sweet Paprika
Garlic clove
Marinate the fish using the above ingredients, then fry the fish until fully cooked.

For the sauce:

Turmeric powder
Curry powder
Chopped coriander
Seed or olive oil
Coconut cream (or thick milk)

Cook these ingredients (except coconut milk) until fully cooked.
Pour it all over the fish in the same pan used previously to cook it.
When cooked, add thick coconut milk and mix the curry well.

Preferably served with basmati rice.


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