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From Evisa to ETA, how entry into Kenya changes


18-12-2023 di redazione

The recent announcement by Kenya's President William Ruto, regarding the abolition of entry visas for his country, has triggered a variety of speculation in the media and the public, especially foreigners, as well as raising questions (as well as perplexity).
As you can easily imagine, we at the Italians in Kenya portal have been inundated with questions and requests for additional information.

From what we are learning, Ruto's announcement must be read in this light: Kenya will move from applying for a tourist visa through a specific portal (and with a specific cost, which can be increased or decreased at will) to just identification through an international portal that issues the so-called 'Electronic Travel Authorisation', (ETA).

What is the ETA?

The ETA is a system that aims to 'digitalise' borders by 2025, and allow citizens to travel, at least for now in Commonwealth countries, without the need for a visa.
It will, however, apply to all nationalities.
For now, Great Britain (originator country), Australia and Canada have already joined, and in addition to Kenya, Rwanda is also joining.

The visa waiver will apply to citizens of the chosen countries (in the case of Kenya, President Ruto has announced that it will be all, but there may be exceptions) who travel to the foreign country for tourism, study, business or to visit friends and family.

To obtain the ETA, travellers intending to visit Kenya will have to apply through a digital platform, Ruto announced on Tuesday.

Normally, a valid passport is required for verification and a fee, which we learn will be USD 30. In some cases, additional identification documents may be required before the authorisation is validated.
The ETA is then electronically linked to the passport or travel document.
This would replace (we await official news) the visa, which had even been doubled, with effect from next January. But in any case it will not replace the renewal, which will cost $100.
Moreover, according to reports in the main local media, the ETA could be valid for 60 or 90 days or even longer, at the government's discretion and depending on the travellers' country of origin. The difference is that the visa is only valid for one entry into Kenya, while the ETA for its entire duration, allowing travellers to come and go as they please. A list of the countries involved and the duration of the ETA is awaited. Especially for the 27 Schengen countries.

As soon as we have more information on this, we will continue to update you on this change in regulations for entry into Kenya.

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