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The great national reserves of Kenya

Briefly, the features of the most important wildlife reserves

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There are 64 parks and national reserves in Kenya, which is the country of the world with the widest variety of animal species in the wildside.
Even the vegetation varies from park to park and with it the microclimate and wildlife.
The main parks are Aberdare National Park, Amboseli National Park, Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve (Gede), Hell's Gate National ParK, Kakamega Forest Reserve, Lake Bogoria National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Meru National Park, Mount Kenya National Park, Nairobi National Park, Saiwa Swamp National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserve Shimba Hills National Reserve, Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo West National Park.

Amboseli National Park

One of the most popular parks in Kenya for the gorgeous scenery dominated by the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro and the salt basin of Lake Amboseli, dry most of the year, which turns into a lake teeming with life during the rainy season. Between volcanic rocks, swamps, sulfur springs and thorny bush meet large groups of elephants, lions, buffalo, cheetahs.

Lake Nakuru

Located in the Rift Valley, 140 km from Nairobi, the Lake Nakuru National Park is a small volcanic lake from alkaline waters, home to the most exciting ornithological spectacle in the world: thousands of flamingos that gather here to feed on algae and nesting sites creating with their flights and movements, a "floating pink wave. Nakuru is also home to leopards, rhinos, rare Rothchild giraffes and many other species, with the exception of elephants Lake Turkana The "Jade Sea" one of the least known and most spectacular places in Kenya. Possibility of hiking, camel; the local population is made up of Turkana, Samburu, Rendille and Boran, El Molo.

Maasai Mara

The most famous national park in the country with the highest concentration of wildlife throughout "Africa and the Great Migration theater (Jul-Sept.), A unique natural spectacle in the world that sees millions of herbivores cross the Mara River in search of new pastures . Animals: wildebeest, elephants, zebras, hyenas, hippos, antelopes, gazelles, impalas, baboons, giraffes, blacks rhinos, lions, leopards, cheetahs. The Maasai Mara covers 1510 square kilometers of grassy savannah. It is reached by car (5 hours) or flying from Nairobi and the coastal airports in little more than a "now.

Meru National Park

National Park famous by the book and the film "Born Free" composed of rainforests, swamps and prairies where they live many species of fauna and flora. Recently it repopulated of large ungulates, home to elephants, big cats but especially rare species such as Grevy's zebra, reticulated giraffe, kudu and gerenuk, buffalo, monkeys, crocodiles and birds including the vulture of the palms and the eagle of Marshal. This beautiful park is outside the usual circuits.

Mount Kenya

The highest mountain of Kenya, and 5,199 mt depending Africa. Considered the home of Ngai, god of one of the Kikuyu tribe of Kenya. Spectacular landscape (glaciers, rocks and forest) and fauna (giant camphor trees and euphorbia, ferns, orchids, giant lobelia and urns). Elephants, buffalo and black panthers meet on its slopes. Paradise for trekking and bird watching.

Tsavo East and West
With its 22,000 sq km. Tsavo East and West is the largest national park in Kenya. The "West is characterized by magnificent landscapes, dense vegetation, swamps and springs and semi-arid and desert scenarios are typical of" fascinating part of East, immense and little tourism. Easily accessible from the beach resorts along the coast.

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